Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Things I Miss

Living out of the city with all the peace and nature and generally slow pace is definately good for the body but what use is a good and healthy body if you cannot spoil it once in a while with a few of the indulgencies of modern life. I still remember several things that I used to take for granted in the past but now I cannot access as easily as I would have wanted. These are a few small things that normally one would never even give a thought to but when out here they just ain't there any more

  1. Burgers: Juicy steer burgers with pickles, cheese and all those other artery clogging toppings, out here fast food can only refer to the speed at which you empty the plate.

  2. Window Shopping: It doesn't seem like much but just being able to while away the afternoon ogling all those clothes you cannot buy at Abdulla Fazal and Gadgets at Audiopoint gives you something to aspire to.

  3. Movies: The only movies you get around here are those annoying Nigerian VCD's and old action movie apparently Scharwzenneger and Stallone are still the biggest hits around here. Nobody seems to have heard of Lord of the Rings, Some one told me Star Wars is just lies (Kwani which movie isn't)

  4. Music: Try going out and all the music you get in the clubs is Reggae, Raga, Ragatone, etc. If the DJ plays something like Soul, Rock, RnB you get a major exodus from the floor. I don't mind a little mugithi though.

  5. DSTV: Only 2 clubs I know in Embu town with supersport and that is like 30 km away so it is a labour of love to watch my beloved ManU.

  6. Hanging out: just being able to go and spend your evening with good conversation, good food and drinks, a little music etc. Around here there seems to be an unwritten curfew which consigns every one to their digs by 9:00 PM.

  7. Rugby: never heard of it around here

  8. Cold Malt: If it is not cold it is not worth drinking it, that is if is available in the first place.

  9. Flossing: What good is that neat phone, Laptop, Car, Home Theatre, DVD collection if there is nobody who understands what the features are so that you can floss with it.

  10. Hot Chicks: Don't get me wrong there are good looking females up here but it is the presentation and attitude that is lacking, the adage that 'if you've got it, flaunt it' doesn't apply around here, it is too conservative. Imagine no Minis, Hipsters, Halters, Cami's just boring...

Now before I get all depressed I have to come up with 10 things I don't miss about the big city, there has to be some balance in life. I mean one side can't have it all.


Betty said...

lol i wouldn't survive a day without those burgers unless steers do delivery to Embu..goodness me you are strong!! what would i do without burgers and fries and all things nice?
yes yes make the other list, "balance" is the word.

Princess said...

Wow..9:00pm curfew, not being able to watch rugby or soccer, and not being able to floss must truly suck!!!

mwangi said...

You can floss like Kanye West and have steers deliver the burger {I mean, if someone can order a takeaway from London while in NewYork, possibilities are endless)


Chatterly said...

:-) i feel you about the window shopping thing...i can just go to a shop to look at buttons and ribbons, crazy eh? going to bed at 9pm eish like kids :-(

Farmgal said...

He he he ati curfew ya 9pm...Sacrifice a trip to Nai once in a while lest you forget!

Kirima said...

@Betty, Don't forget the shakes, Icecream, black forest etc. Steers doesn't deliver.
@Princess, Home alone isn't my favorite movie, Yes it sucks big time!
@Mwangi, Did Kanye really do that then I admire his guts
@Chatterly, here we don't talk shops we talk about markets
@Farmgarl, Anytime I can afford it I am ussually dashing to Nai to check out the maendeleo, Soon I'll be like those Shagsmodo who take picture at KICC. LOL!!

Betty said...

Chatterly, ati window shopping for buttons and ribbons?Lol but i feel you,after i've exhausted the clothing and shoes..i go window shopping for bread.. ati, am 'comparing texture & size'

Kirima-maaan, ice-cream and got me hungry for some,off to see the doc! lol

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