Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Reds are Matching On

Another glorious outing for the boys as ManU move ahead in the Champions League, after the sensational game on Saturday with Liverpool it was double pleasure this week as we beat Lille properly last night to advance to the Quarters. Who would have dreamt this last year that we are now chasing the Treble. We have done it before and all bets are that they will do it again this year. The growth I have seen in Christiano Ronaldo this year definately earns him the right to wear that glorious number 7.

ps: I am sad to see Larsson leave but the mark he has left in those few months
will live forever in ManU history especially that sensational goal last


mwangi said...

It was sweet to watch the United and Arsenal games together. United were in a relatively comfortable situation considering all we needed to do was keep a clean sheet, something that we have become adept at this season. After PSV equalized, it was like Arsenal guys had been pepetwad with machine guns, they teremkad from like 90 to 0 in a second. Too bad. May be the professor needs to go back to school ...

Gitts said...

Cristiano rules dude! contender for player of the season? ameiva! he supplies beter, scores more he's becoming more and more the full package. Definitely NOT FOR SALE!
Yangu iko hapa hapa: Jienjoy

Farmgal said...

I still hope that my team will catch up with man U...end of season we'll sit and talk!

Kirima said...

@farmgal, welcome we shall talk hehehe!!

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