Thursday, March 22, 2007

Presidential Healing Powers

President Jammeh and Friend
I read this article with outrage (and very little amusement) about how Gambian President Yahya Jammeh claims to be able to cure HIV/AIDS patients with a secret herbal 'cure' that he had developed. I find this claim absolutely astounding and what makes me even more amazed is the stature of the man making the claim. I was slightly bemused when Thabo Mbeki the South African President made his famous allegation that HIV was not the Cause of AIDS but at least there was a argument albeit weak one that could be made on that particular claim. This claim by President Jammeh on the other hand is just plain wrong there is no other way to describe it. I also remember when a certain Kenyan prominent scientist made an secret cure for AIDS which he stubbornly refused to subject to scientific evaluation and peer review going againist the very Hippocratic Oath he had sworn to uphold as a doctor. It saddens me that our African Leaders instead of providing leadership on this crisis that faceses us stark in the face are just engaging in sideshows which just excites the masses but have no results to show. They should be telling us to protect ourselves not promise bogus cures and provide treatment to those who are infected not just pump us with conspiracy theories about imprialistic western designs on the African continent. Instead of comming up with solutions to the shameful events occuring in Darfur and Zimbabwe at the moment they are just busy pumping us with a lot of hot air about how the west is oppressing Africa. I live in Africa and I am proud to be African but I am deeply ashamed at the leadership we have in this continent maybe we as a people are to blame for allowing this to be done to us but that doesn't give these leaders and excuse for their poor performance.
I am not one given to ranting or raving but what I felt while reading this article just blew my mind.
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Klara said...

Don't Tell me am da 1st one here! Maajabu! Am happy u r back with Kilami! Now I can read first!
The issue of AIDS is still sensitive in Africa n still need be handle with atmost care!!

Kirima said...

@Klara, It feels good to be back Phew!
Funny! I just made a comment on your new template like 2 seconds ago.

Methuselah said...

AIDS is big the world over, its made worse by quacks who cheat and lie to their clients while stuffing their hands into their pockets. Tsk! Tsk!

dark angel said...
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Ancient Clown said...


See any links here?
(I know that's 'not funny' either...nor am I laughing).
Just passing by, but liked what I saw. I invite you to visit "ancient's history", and bring an open mind cause; "I don't think I know...I just know I'm thinking."
your humble servant,
ancient clown

Farmgal said...

I saw a video clip on youtube where that president was working his magic! I wish I could find it...
What if he actually has a cure..I know! I know! Wishful thinking, but really what if?

Unyc said...

@Farmgal Wishful thinkin it
I read that storo in shock. The fact that it was cmin from a President made it even more appealin 2 read. His playin with ppl'es minds.
I feel u on the type of leadership we have here. Look at Mugabe, that guy is frustrating efforts for his country 2 develop. N he wants to run for another term....geez!!!

betty said...

"I am deeply ashamed at the leadership we have in this continent .. that doesn't give these leaders and excuse for their poor performance."

At times i think the rest of the world just sits back and laughs at the continent..they see brothers killing brothers, ignorance and oppressive leaders.Presidents claiming 'magic' potions to AIDs that even the most learned scientists in the West aren't able to come up with..we've become the world's laughing stock.

egm said...

As Ancient Clown says, these tragedies are indeed big business. And in the case of Africa, some of them cross over to be big politics. Whichever way that president's cure goes, he will have achieved on thing: wide spread publicity. Which he could use to his own advantage. A very unfortunate thing to do in the face of what AIDS entails.

Kirima said...

@Methu, At least he isn't asking for money but giving false hope is just as bad.
@dark angel, not interested
@Ancient Clown, Unfortunate but true indeed.
@Farmgal, It could be possible yes and for the sake of the patients I hope it works because it does coz it would be tragic to be given such high hopes
@Unyc, Leaders should focus on their roles of improving peoples lives without using tricks and sideshows.
@Betty, The only people not laughing it seems are us the Africans who have to suffer our leaders ineptitude.
@egm, I agree that it is unfortunate for leaders to seek gain and popularity from poor people in need of hope and salvation but it keeps on happening again and again.

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