Friday, March 2, 2007

Country Life

It is hard not to envy all those guys living out there in the city including Nairobi where one can enjoy all the advantages that Technology can provide. As a Born City guy and Technophille it has been quite a radical change to accept to live and work out here in the Bundus where as recently as 4 years ago the only form of telecomunication was a 2 way VHF radio. Explaining about the internet to people around here was like a lecture in greek philosophy. That I can now blog everyday is like a minor miracle.

Photo of the Local

Despite all the perceived backwardness there must be a few advantages of living out here in the bundus such as:

  • No traffic Jams, wait that is not entirely true. Occassionally cattle crossing the road can hold you up for a few minutes)

  • Beers are sold at the reccomended retail price - .You can be the local celebrity by just buying a drink for everyone in the pub and it will still cost you less than getting into Carni

  • Dates are cheap- In the most expensive restuarant you can get an meal for two for less than 2 reds.

  • Everybody knows you - whether this is good or bad is still debatable depending on how you are known since reputations stick.

  • Being a celeb only requires you to drive a car that moves without being push started (you get extra marks if it is not a pick-up)

  • You never need to dress up in anything fancy. but I will still not do the yellow trouser and purple shirt routine.

  • No gym card required Nobody cares if you gain weight - you actually gain points in the social ladder

There must be several more reasons otherwise I would now have been driven mad by boredom and have gotten out of here.

There is a downside too:

  • If you are not yet married at 21 you are a misfit, if you dont have 2 wives at 40 you need help

  • Daily Conversation revolves around livestock, crops, children and escapades of the local chief and headmaster

  • Talk to the local girls and a commitee of wazee will shortly be arriving at your digs to negotiate dowry

  • How can yor gain weight without Burgers?

Its not that bad just different and we all have to work

Ces' t la vie


Princess said...

Those are pretty good advantages for living in the boondocks!!! It is great that you can blog daily!!

Chatterly said...

ahhh the simple life in shaggz. no worrying about the latest fashion/high cost of entertainment/the mean landlord etc!
very nice post :-)

gishungwa said...

thanks for passing by! am born and bred country so this town life is new to me LOL. The beauty of upcountry now there is GPRS so there is sill hope...

aegeus said...

Hello! Thanks for passing by the Castle.

Town boi in the country huh. Am like gish, country boy in the big city. Heheheh

Couch 'tato said...

ha ha ha i worked in the bundus and i do agree with you on that relaxed atmosphere and cheap dates, as in u can afford to eat out on a daily basis
heck id take a taxi to go pay my bills..yaani id get chauffered to elec, water...bill and then dropped off at my lunch place for 150 or less

Komi said...

Born and bred in the country and my cousins call our digs reserve...mwisho wa maendeleo though not quite. I love the fresh food and the storos in the evening. Then I miss working in the farm, collecting eggs, and tending to my tu-piglets. I don't know much about hanging out or cheapness of retaurants though...wazazi wakali zaidi plus went to boarding schools far from home.
Ati cattle jam and negotiating dowry after a ka chit-chat ha ha. I know what you mean.

Majonzi said...

thanks for visiting mines. I don't know about living in total bundus. Perhaps, a smaller city, without the hustles of Nai.... . Amazing about technology, with the internet and mobile phone industries, Kenya may very well be on its way to skipping its industrial age.

Kirima said...

@Princess, I count my blessings every day.
@Chatterly, Yes indeed yesterdays fashion in the in thing around here.
@Gishungwa & Aeugus, Having been born in town I realize how you live is just about attitude. GPRS is good but now I spend more on it than on calling.
@Couch 'tato. Yep I cannot trade the peace, healthy food, free water and other goodies for the noise, junk and pollution of the city.
@Komi, I think I'll pass on the feeding of piglets but the stories are hilarious most of the time.
@Majonzi, Who knows maybe this time next year I'll be selling livestock on ebay from here (thats an idea!!)

B n P said...

I grew up in the bliss of both worlds, was shipped off to the country on every holiday and smallest occassion so i do appreciate the good of both worlds, i kind of balance right there.

Farmgal said...

Some good things going on for you I see. So are you are celeb ama?

Kirima said...

@bnp, Yep my philosophy too- there has to be a balance.
@farmgal, You should check out my bling! LOL

Adrian said...

nothing beats life in shagz. and especially with technology picking up everywhere. i just hope that our ushagos never lose that "special something" despite the development...

Kirima said...

@Adrian, Karibu kwangu, I guess there are some aspects of rural life that will never change despite the progress but let the development come though.

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