Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tagged one too many times!

It looks like no matter how much I try and hide the tags won't go away, It seems that I was tagged by 3 Types of Crazy and Half and Half to post some 8 random things about myself. Despite the fact that I had already given seven before plus a videocast of myself. HnH was right I don't like tags but I hate not being a sport even more so I just have to do something.

I wont post the rules cos' I'm gonna break them all - kwani what will happen if I don't will I be doomed to a streak of bad luck or will I be smitten by a bolt of lightning? I don't think so.
  1. I love eating out; the more exotic the better, of course finances and living out of town is a major impediment but when I can I like to try out new restaurants even if all I can afford is a cup of coffee and a snack. When I was younger I harboured the secret ambition of being a restaurant critic like that lucky jamaa in the Sunday Nation.
  2. I hate confrontation; Whenever there is an argument or disagreement I often choose the walking away option, argueing and fighting is not for me. Even arguments between other peeps I will shun therefore being UN Secretary General is definately not one of my ambitions.
  3. I am a Lazy Shopper; Shopping doesn't do anything for me and will only buy something if it has run out or is absolutely necessary.
  4. I constantly need new information: Not news by the way but I soak up information like a sponge that is why google and wikikpedia are my constant companions as well as the blogs in KBW. If I was to get DSTV it would be because of Discovery, Animal Planet and National Geographic not Supersport, I can always watch soccer in a pub anyway.
  5. I like being straigthforward; I am easily bored by relationship games and rules, the playing hard to get and other dating tire me out I like some one who comes straight out and anakupenda au hakupendi all that beating about the bush will just tire me out.
  6. I have no patience; Especially with lateness, I will always ask when do you want us to meet and trust me I will do everything to be there on time but if the other party keeps me waiting I end up seething with frustration. This is especially worse when someone requests you to pick them up at a certain time and when you arrive there are not ready yet.
  7. I can't sing; Enough said.
  8. I used to stutter; I used to have slight stammer when I was in school which made me very self concious especially when called upon to speak in front of people. Happily now I have been able to conquer that especially that now I am occassionally required to address all the employees at work (over 600 of them imagine).
  9. I had a Yellow Car; This is a bonus, My first car was a bright yellow Toyota Starlet. It certainly was unusal and always managed to attract alot of attention unfortunately it was also difficult to hide your self anywhere especially in a small town like Embu and as soon as you parked it somewhere you would start getting all sorts of messages by folks asking when are you leaving or can we come over. On the good side and in an odd kind of way it was also a babe magnet. I surely miss that car as they always say you never forget the first

That meets my end of the bargain as for the rules I don't think I can tag anyone since I can see almost all the bloggers out there I know have already been tagged.


aegeus said... Pamoja. 9. a neighbour had such a car. a starlet too. Hehehe. I will one day own a competition orange car.....one day...hopefully it shall be an evo VIII with a carbon fibre roof and bonnet lid!

ineXess said...

just asking, did that starlet also have tendencies of hugging trees? LOL

Nice list

Bomseh said...

Seems most bloggers like to keep time.
This being straight forward is a very god thing. It helps one to avoid dramas.

Interesting 8. After the podcast and the seven, I think I can pick u out from a crowd. Hehee

Inexess - This is the reincarnated Krish. The crashaholic Kirima died a few days ago.

gishungwa said...

I like straight forward too playing hard to get doesnt make it any appealing.

Wambui said...

nice list. I like the yellow car, and I'm with you on #4, I always have a google or wikipedia tab open.

Unyc said...

Str8 forward is the way 2 go...beating around the bush is a no no!

Babe magnet...looks nice... not a fun of yellow.

Gd 2 know more n more about u.

Jamvi said...

With you on all well almost all how did you end up with a yellow car? Granted white is too common but yellow?

modo here said...

with you on numero two...KABISA! fought only twice in my 'career' called life... and that one of beating around the bush...oh yeah, straight through. kama ni A ni A hamna ati the letter before B!

kumbee you have many peeople under you...hope sio cemetary?

3N said...

i too am no fan of yellow but if it was a chic magnet no prob with that.

i try to keep time but usually doesn't work but in my defense i don't get pissed when someone delays...

7. can't either
5. completely agree, games are for teens

Three types of Crazy said...

Kirima sii I un-tagged you when you threatened to go back on hiatus!!!!! Lakini thanks for stating your 8.

@ 1- I like eating out but hate leaving my house. Go figure

I am with you on the being straight forward- I say let your "yes" be "yes" and your "no" be "no".

Did the yellow car come wit the green basin?

Chatterly said...

that car is yellower than yellow! but if it pulled babes closer ahhh no sweat.
i am also the "no-confrontation" type. I know how to walk away asap.

jm said...

Yenyewe hiyo yellow ni bright sana. I wouldn't feel right getting into that one every morning, even though inaonekana it's who gets out of it @ night that matters, eh?

betty said...

lol Kirish that car is deadly..kwanza i have yellow shoes to match that car..nowonder you were a magnet!!

Confrontations leave me sooo blank, ..am too a softie i can't even say anything nasty to your face uuiii.i need to toughen up a bit.

Eating out i loove!

Half 'n' half said...

YELLOW! YELLOW! that is why bad things (like dying keep happening to you)
No 5: I sooo agree, lets start a club for bitch slapping all those playing hard to get girls! kama nataka sema nataka! whats with all the wasting my time? sheeesh I have other things to do! hebu get on with it!
Didnt know I had that in me, glad its out!

See that wasn't soo hard

Jadekitten said...

Haiya. That starlet looks very familiar. Did you ever try to sell it in Nai, was it by any chance parked at Posta sacco at some point> I could swurr....

Love eating out? He he...Then be very jealous, I get PAID to eat out, and write about it. Yeah, kinda like that guy at SN...hehe...You should talk to me nicely, the way things are going I might have to get a replacement for the said column.

mocha! said...

AAIIII....that car is just too yellow. Alafu under the Kenyan sun!

Nice pointers about the Kirima.

Klara said...

LOL! Now this is the funny part of u!

Kirima said...

@Aegeus, Please don't forget to give me a spin in that orange evo.
@Inexes, wacha story mob, I took good care of my baby
@Bomseh, Yes time is very important and so is being straight forward, Thanx.
@Gish, Play hard to get and you will get none is what I say.
@Wambui, Sini you wiki some 8 random facts about yourself since you havent been tagged yet.
@Unyc,Beat around the bush and you will scare the birds away just tackle it head on.
@Jamvi, I didn't plan it that was what I could afford so I couldn't be picky but otherwise it was perfect mechanically and the economy and speed was a beaut.
@Modo, Ndio thats my man, Say it like it is! Cemetary? Hell No!
@3N, For me I get annoyed and it takes a while to regain trust. I can't even sing in the shower honestly.
@3TOC, Yes you had and I appreciated but NusuNusu decided to rub salt on the old wounds and I had to be a sport, You can eat out at home just pull a chair and a table and eat on the verandah LOL!
@Chatterly, Walking away is good, I just can't stand excess drama.
@Betty, I know it would definately most of your colourful clothes I should have sold it to you.
@HnH, WACHA hizo thoughts please :-)I can only die once. Sini you start the club already you can be Chairlady I can be treasurer.
@Jadekitten, I sold it over 2 years ago and I know it is Naivasha cos two people have already called me asking "What are you doing in Naivasha?" Really that job sounds like the bomb yes indeed I am jealous. Karibu.
@Mocha, Yes it can blind you so you had better have the shades around
@Klara, Anything to make you happy my dear!

Kirima said...

@JM, LOL you are right even me I was squirmish at first but it grew on me especially when the attention it attracted was more positive than negative

Steve said...


Da "Yellow Submarine" - it is good to see that you found a picture of it somewhere. What a ride it was.

By the way, I hear you got waylaid into doing wedding duties a couple of days back - when will we be coming over for yours?

- Steve

excess, IN said...

Kirima is getting married?? When? where?? Who?

Kirima said...

@Steve, Yes you can imagine being told you are bestman one week to the wedding but it was cool.
@Inexes, LOL hebu chill! it wasn't me it was just a pal applying pressure as usual, when it happens I will let you know

Majonzi said...

that yellow car is striking! great list on random things! lol, I hate confrotation, I don't sing, like being straightforward, I google, I love eating out and I am impatient. am i you?

betty hearing 'wedding bells'? said...

KIRIM URE GETTING MARRIED?? :D and don't gimmie that 'it's just a pal line'..that's what they all say!!

so this is how 'we' find out you've been cheating on us?? hmh!!!

Kirima is getting married you people.

Chatterly said...

Kirima lete wedding invitation...siri mingi mbona?

inexess said...

Yeah guys think about it! 5 weeks leave...? who gets 5 weeks leave kama status is not changing?? We want invitation tena nguvu! hizo chenga we must eat!

gishungwa said...

Me too i have complained i need one at least for the first blogger wedding. Hmm explains the 5 week break wedding plus honeymoon hmmm. pics pics to prove otherwise...

archer said...

Mimi swali yangu ni kama ya 3TOC. Did the yellow moti come with the green basin? You can see that Kirish really suguad that moti proper before taking photos. Lakini how did you use to tosha in it? Sema ukweli, how many mamas did you danganya with yellow Stalo?

Don't be shy Kirima, what's her name?

K.I.P.U.S.A said...

@3 i so feel you on this one
@5 I've gained and lost friends because of this
@7 come for lessons
@8 i know what u mean i used to myself
@9 as of now I'm rolling on leg-sus.

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