Friday, May 11, 2007

The Seven Hidden Habits of the Highly Effacing Mountain

I had planned to take a blog holiday this week and bask in the glory of ManU winning the premiership but it seems that I couldn't hide myself and have ended up being tagged by Egm, 3N, Unyc, and God knows who else! This cannot be easy for me since I don't ussually get too personal but I believe in being a sport and there are few dares I chicken out off. So here goes.

  1. I am Allergic to big bodies of water; I dont' swim not because of lack of desire but I just don't trust that I can be able to keep my head above water.
  2. I am introverted. Some people call it shy, I don't easily break the ice when meeting new people but when I get to know them and open up to them they can realize that I am actually quite easy to get along with.
  3. I am anti violence; Any form of violence by one person to another turns me off I can never understand how you can get your points across by hurting people, I believe human beings are capable of reason and conscience therefore trying ot beat or shoot sense into people is a futile effort. As a result of this I oppose corporal punishment and the death penalty if people think thats too liberal thats up to them. I carry this attitude in my character and people tend to view me as a softie because I will rarely say or do anything that is deliberately hurtful to anyone.
  4. I Love Sci-fi and Fantasy; These are my favorite movie genres, my original movies collections include all the Star Wars movies, Lord of the rings, Star Trek. Michael Crichton and Stephen King are my Favorite authors therefore horror doesn't turn me off. Comic Superheros also fascinate me, Superman is tops followed by Batman, Spiderman comes third (sorry spidey)
  5. I could be a geek; I am a scientist by profession therefore I am comfortable in a lab isolating enzymes and disceting all forms of invertabrates, I also have an obsessive love of gadgets I must have a top range cellphone, laptop, digicam, MP3 player, PDA, Bluetooth you name it I just can't resist admiring the latest electronics in the malls. I also love comps and am quite compent in them even if it's not my field at all.
  6. I love strong women; I don't like the damsel in distress type of girl or timid and insecure types, I admire mature (not old!) women who are sure of themselves are not afraid to speak their minds, go for what you want types and who are not a pushover for men. I guess this is to compensate for No. 2 above.
  7. I am not that young. From my interactions in KBW I can sense that I may be a bracket above several of the peeps but as consolation I am still very young at heart.

Now if the following victims can please stand up and be counted so we can quench our curiousity: Klara, Majonzi, Ichiena, Chatterly, Archer, Farmgal, Gish, Komi


mwangi said...


Damn I waited long for that!!

mwangi said...


You are a good man Kirima. I think I'd get along very well ... I feel you on the "strong" woman point ...

Chatterly said...

doing my post now :-) aki gave been tagged twice its high time :-)

mwangi said...

I'll be damned ... am also an MGPS product!!

Ichiena said...

Yaani you tagged the Ichiena - you should have remained chicken...LOL!

I was with you on 1 lakini now I am facing my fears!!

Another introvert? Get the feeling many bloggers are? Introverts that is.

LOTR Rules and Starwars. For the comics my order is Spiderman, Superman then Batman - he's too grumpy haki.

egm said...

#2 Ditto.

#4 My hate of all things horror ensures I don't do Stephen King. At least his horror writings. I can deal with the likes of Shawshank Redemption though.

#5 I am not that much of a gadget person, even though I'm an EE. Cameras are the only things I go googaga on. Everything else I could use the generic version, so long as it does what it needs to do fine.

betty said...

EE ni what??@egm, Kirima kumbe you brought more abbrev. hukuz?

-I guess large masses of water scare loads of people; take heart huko solo.
-Strong women are to make up for your shy self i guess :)
-I feel you on beig anti-violent.

egm said...

@betty EE-electrical engineer

acolyte said...

I love your template! At least now I know something new about you.
ps: strong women rock!

Kirima said...

@Mwangi, It is a small world indeed sharing is not such a bad thing after all.
@Chatterly, Thanx for being a sport and playing along.
@Ichiena, Good luck with the swimming, Batman Begins restored my faith in Batman after that disaster with George Clooney and Arni.
@Egm, Shawshanks redemption is the greatest movie ever made the book "4 Seasons" is indeed one of Kings best compilations. I suspected you were an EE my bro is also one I've seen your comment on his blog.
@Betty, Long time! You were spot on with the Strong women :-)
@Aco, Thanx, yes they do.

Half 'n' half said...

Strong women? the best.
I used to hate swimming until one day I heard in the news about a car that plunged in the river! that did it for me.
Hear you on the gadgets!
I cant do horror, but I have tried soem steven King- "Nancy" scary book

Klara said...

Am one Strong Woman..LOL(Talk of kujipigia Debe)
Now I know somethin about u!! This Taggin thing Rocks

beans said...

woohoo another United fan in Blogistan! Ahem, I mean feels great doesn't it?! :D

egm said...

@Kirima... I haven't yet read the book. I need to, seeing how books are always better than the movie. As for the movie, I resisted watching it for the longest time, thinking it was just another boring prison movie. Then one day when it was playing on tv and I had nothing else to do, I just figured I'd see what the hype was all about. Wacha nikwambie nothing could pull me away from that tube after a few minutes of getting into it. I beat myself up big time for not having watched it earlier!

@Beans... The Kenyan Blogistan has some very distinct team affiliations. You need to read a few to see who belongs to Chelsea, United, Arsenal, Liverpool... And they are very militant about it (what with names like ManUseless, Arse-anal, Liverfool, Chel... don't quite know what the derogatory name for that one is)!

farmgal said...

Kirima, si nilikuambia I'm fed of hearing about united taking the premiership silver! sigh*

I'm so loving this sevens thing...nice to know more about you.

mama shady said...

hmmm, now im trying to picture you.#2-really?, #3-i feel you on some fo those points.i dont like sci fi, infact its the onekind of movie that i have trouble watching.#6-thats a good thing.#7;)

Unyc said...

U r introvert...really?
I love horror's 2 n Stephen King is my fav author.
am not a sucker for sci-fi's though but i have watched several.
Thanx for heeding the tag.

kayliz said...

wow, this tagging thing really works!
So you're an introvert too. Let me say this where everyone can 'hear': almost all of us KBWers are introverts!
Ebu someone does the poll and we see. ;)

mwari said...

You will never catch me watching sci-fi!
Good to hear about kenyan bloggers who are not 'very young'. I have often considered running away from KBW seeing as most bloggers are still celebrating their 25th birthday! But since i like writing staff, I hang on, in anycase, I feel very young at heart, and i have been some blog pals...

aegeus said...

Checking in after the train left the station i am!

I sink like a stone, i like strong mamas, introverted, anti violence, science fiction check! 5 ditto! Haiya you a clone of me, just a little older hehehhehe!!!

beans said...

Hehe, sticks and stones eh? ;) I'm just glad that the cup is ours after 4 years! It feels great- now for the FA Cup. (but maybe we might feel sorry for Chelski...)

Three types of Crazy said...

Tracy Chapman's sng- why. there is a line in there- "why are they called peace keepers, yet there are trained to kill!"

at number 3- kindness is a strength not a weakness.

Kirima said...

@HnH, Its good to see you took some steps to conquer your hate of swimming. You sound strong!
@Klara, I hope its strong character not strong as in tough :-)
@Beans, We are many despite what others may tell you cheers mate.
@EGM, The 2 other Novellas in 4 seasons have also been made into good movies as well - Apt Pupil & Stand By Me (The Body)The last one Breathing Method is too gruesome I think!
@Farmgal, Haki I had planned to keep quiet but I was provoked by this tagging thing Sorry!
@Mamashady, Hope the picture is not too bad.
@Unyc, Yeah Really! It takes me a while to trust people enough to open up. Stephen King rules!
@Kayliz, Welcome, I hope not but it seems to aflict mainly the guys the chicks in KBW seem very outgoing.
@Mwari, I still relate very well with the issues raised in KBW and actually I think I can get along with several of them.
@Aegeus, I wouldn't have thought my dear young one hehehe!!
@Three types, Karibu to my Hobbit hole,I agree with you

Komi said...

I enjoyed the post until I saw the tag ha.
I also fear big bodies of water, a swimming pool being one of them,I am introverted and anti violence but you cannot be older than me (@89). I hated labs in high school.

inexes said...

Dude - you must be describing me!

as for gadgets, as long as they are within my budget - i gotta have it.

Prettylyf said...

Great list!

Princess said...

I too have zero-tolerance for any form of violence!!

Girl next door said...

#1, I can't swim either. Hope to learn someday, so I stick to hot tubs for now.

#5, Geeks are cool!

#6, Glad to hear that. For whatever reason, it seems like some guys like to rescue the damsel coz it gives them an ego boost.

#7, Chronological age doesn't always capture who you are as a person so it doesn't matter.

Kirima said...

@Komi, Thanx, I would really love to conquer the fear of water.
@Inexes, Gadgets are toys for men :-)
@Prettylyf, Thanx
@Princess, Good for you.
@Girl Next door, Hot tubs are Ok for me too Karibu

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