Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Now I have crossed the last t and dotted the last i. My leave has officially started like 20 minutes ago.
Baridi here I come.
Don't you worry I'll keep on blogging.


egm said...

In 3 days plus a wake up I shall be going on my week long leave too... Enjoy for us in the meantime!

mocha! said...

You have said you will keep blogging.

If I check in here to find nada....tumeisha friends!

Happy holidays though...aka bumming to the max, au?

3N said...

Happy Holiday Kirima, and do not stop blogging otherwise I like mocha will withdraw my blogfriendship

Three types of Crazy said...

Smiling at that last sentence and closing my bad eye.

aegeus said...

Heiya he! Hoiya ho!! He breaks into song as he heads out of the office for the next 5 weeks!....enjoy for the rest of us!!

Gish said...

Enjoy your timeout. Be safe

Aizoh said...

I wouldn't dream of taking leave in this weather my friend. Me, I'm taking mine hukoz maoctober when I'm sure it will be sunny and bright.Anyhow, wish you all the best.Enjoy.

Shiro said...

Interesting posts... love the comic voyage one... hope the baridi aint spoiling the fun so far!

Jamvi said...

Are you considering shooting a movie? anyway have a fun time.

inexesss said...

Holla ukifika huku tumalizie ile 12pak!

Baridi - si jackets & other options ziko?

Seasons & Reasons said...

Enjoy your break. I really envy you..on second thoughts its really cold!! Whatever you do, hope it warms you

Bomseh said...

Enjoy your leave. Get good stories out there and continue blogging.

jm said...

where my comment dey?

n-joy leave, stay warm [if possible] and blog away ...

betty said...

Aegeus lool where d'u come up with those things now? ish.

Kirish; word on UNYC STREET is that am expecting ure baby, glad you got like 5weeks-think about what ure gonna do!! lol me and my baby come expensive.


Princess said...

Enjoy your five weeks of bliss!!!

Chatterly said...

Enjoy the break :-)

Kirima said...

@EGM, Thanx and enjoy yours as well
@Mocha, I'll try I wouldn't want it to end.
@3N, Thanx whats with the threats I already said I will try and keep on :-)
@ 3TC, LOL kumbe you were serious
@ Aegeus, Kweli nita enjoy
@Gish, Thanx, will try.
@Aizoh, If it was up to me alone either it would be December but there is this fella called Boss.
@Shiro, Thanx and welcome to the mountain, I am having fun regardless.
@Jamvi, Now thats and idea!, Thanx
@Inexes, LOL what other options might that be!
@Seasons and Reasons, Karibu sana and thanx I know a warm place called bed.
@Bomseh, Thanx I will look but first I rest kidogo
@JM, Keeping warm I will Thanx
@ Betty, LOL!!! I wonder how you will cope as a single mum? thanx have fun
@Princess, I hope it will be as blissful as you wish.
@Chatterly, Thanx a lot.

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