Friday, February 23, 2007

I am a Red and Proud of it

Did I suprise any one out there. I am a Manchester United Fan since 1999, most of my friends through High School and Campo no doubt are wondering how come since I was never a big sports fan especially of Soccer. I was a major rugby fan (Mean Machine and the All Blacks) but some where along the way I decided to take a stand in the war of Man U and Arsenal. I am a believer in records and all the records show that ManU is a greater team if not the greatest team of all time followed by Liverpool (pole Arsenal and Chelsea fans but I belive they are all johny come latelys in my books).

ManU doesn't always play the prettiest soccer but their sheer determination and strength of character has always been what has drawn me to them. If they win the premiership this year I shall be a true believer. I always put my money where my mouth is and I shall officially register as a manu U fan at so watch this space. If we win the the Champions league and FA cup as well then don't log in cos I shall be gloating from here all the way to Mexico.


Klara said...

That makes the 2 of us!!

Steve said...

I remember all those trips to Impala and Queens in that blue Datsun wagon that we practically lived in over the weekeds.

Those were the days. Happy times!!

As for ManU, you are on your own there!

- Steve4

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