Friday, February 23, 2007

Catching up

Time Flies!

I can hardly believe that it is now 22 years since Std 8, 18 years since Form 4 and 11 years since I graduated. Over all these years I made many friends (few enemies if any) but it is only a handful that I am still in contact with regularly. Many of my friends disappeared into the world without a trace. One of the reasons I have started this blog is so that if I am not able to leave a visible mark in the world at least I shall have left and electronic mark. (unless someone erases google)

I intend to try and reach out to all my friends out there in cyberspace who may be able to stumble on this space. I was embarassed the other day while egosurfing on google to find out that I do not appear anywhere on the public web. Whearas some people may cherish that kind of annonymity it is not for me. I take pride as being a technophile who uses the internet regularly therefore it is an upfront to my reputation to be so anonymous.

This Blog is the first step in changing that. By this time next year I hope that when your type Kirima Nturibi on Google it should be on the first page or should appear on the I am feeling lucky button.

To all my friends out there plese post a comment so that we can reconnect. I am tempted to make my email address public but we shall see about that later.

Keep in Touch guys

ps when i was ego surfing all I could find under Kirima is that silly puppet!! tsk tsk.


Princess said...

Most people like to be anonymous and fly under the radar, and I find it funny that you don't!!

Kirima said...

My Ego is bigger than my name thats why

Ichiena said...

hehe - you should use the puppet as your avatar.

Kirima said...

@Ichiena - I will think about it ThanX

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