Saturday, February 24, 2007

Day 2 Hot Hot Hot!!

Day 2 of my adventures in the blogosphere begun on a rather tough note. I had to come in to work and today being a sato I wasn't thrilled then it decides to get hot in fact too hot to believe. In case you are wondering where I work it is in a greenhouse (really!) The temperature right now is 37 degrees C inside the greenhouse and if were not for my spare tires I would have gladly stripped down to my vest and boxers. I cannot remember it being this hot ever. Maybe I'll pop into town and cool down with several cold colas but in the meantime I just have to bear with it.
Coming back to the blog its shaping up ok I'm still learning the ropes and discovering new features and tricks as I go along The internet connection here in Embu sucks big time so I'm barely able to get anything done I have been busy jumping around the Kenya webring blogs getting a hang of how things are down I havent started posting comments much yet till I get the hang of the etiquette involved.
Manu are having a game later in the afternoon so I'll be off to Town for that cold Cola unfortunately no Nyam Chom this time courtesy of Rift Valley Fever.


Klara said...

Nairobi is also blazing hot!! Big Ups 4 Man U!
Thanx for hittin @ me

Kirima said...

@Klara, thanks for your comments I'm off now for the game

Girl next door said...

Where I am it's hella cold, wish I could have some of that heat!
Slow internet connections suck.
Welcome to KBW. Whatever views you have to share are welcome!

mwangi said...

Karibu Kirima. I've made a note to include ur blog in my must-go list... this Man U manenos are just too good ...

Kirima said...

@Mwangi, Asante My first Link :)

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