Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kenyan Ethnic Montage

In the last 2 weeks I have had to defend twice myself from accusations that as a person from the slopes of Mt. Kenya I must be one of the people who are the “eating” and that we are members of a certain infamous Mafia. I would normally take great exception to such notions since there is no evidence whatsoever that I have personally benefited in an extraordinary way as a result of my ethnic heritage but since it is the nature of Kenyans these days to label persons due to where they come from I can only rack my brains and try and understand why?
It bothers me why it is that we are so quick to stereotype the negatives about certain ethnic communities while there is all evidence that any vice or unfavourable trait is evenly distributed in the population. Does it mean that there are no positive attributes in other communities which we do not come from?
It is with this background that I wish to share this Montage that I came across which extols some positive values of a few Kenyan communities. I hope I don’t offend any one out there because I believe in the saying that “If you cannot laugh at yourself then you should not laugh at others”

The Perfect Kenyan should have:

  • The Entrepreneurship of a Kikuyu
  • The Sophistication of a Luo
  • The Perseverance of a Kamba
  • The Eloquence of a Mswahili
  • The Generosity of a Nandi
  • The Honesty of a Luhya
  • The Courage of a Maasai
  • The Contentedness of a Meru
  • The Wit of a Mtaita
  • The Fleet foot of a Kalenjin

There are no doubt many other positive things we could share with each other because all this bits and pieces from all the different communities are what make up the collective Kenyan Identity.

On a lighter note here is the Montage of a Perfect Kenyan Woman

The Ultimate Kenyan Mama should have:

  • The Lustrous Hair of a Somali
  • The Radiant Face of a Borana
  • The Bountiful Thighs of a Luhya
  • The Generous Booty of a Luo
  • The Scintillating Hips of a Kamba
  • The Determined Confidence of a Kikuyu
  • The Patient Loyalty of a Meru
  • The Mouthwatering Cooking skills of a Mswahili
  • The Cool Demenour of a Nandi
  • The Flawless complexion of a Taita
  • The Elegant Poise of a Maasai

If there is one out there with all these qualities please Holla!!


3N said...

Kirima, yani our Kikuyu women couldn't contribute beauty wise - 'The Determined Confidence of a Kikuyu'

anyway nice post. people need to step away from defining and judging each other.

egm said...

Eh, when you get that woman, let me know if she has a sister :)

Enyewe, if we focussed on our strengths instead of weaknesses, life would be more bearable, if not better. Well put.

Archer said...

Let it be known that the women from my community make the BEST wives out of all Kenyan communities (according to the tribal stereotypes) They are loyal, humble, hardworking, soft spoken and generally low maintenance. They will religiously attend PTA meetings, estate committee meetings, women's guild meetings and keshas. They contribute their soothing voices during weddings and funerals, and they attend to their husbands in every meaning of the word. So our tribe has the best women!

(that is a joke, don't take me seriously)

Despite our political differences, I think its cool that we as Kenyans can most times make jokes and certain stereotypes about the various communities and take them with a pinch of salt. Dare you try doing the same thing in South Africa! I heard a case of an Afrikaner who was sued for making racist remarks after he referred to a potential business partner as "that black man" in an sms message that he sent to his other partner who was also an Afrikaner (white)

Majonzi said...

Tell you what, for some its ethnicity for others its regions of the world. Funny, your take on being from the slopes of Mt. Kenya. When I was going to college a lot of folks assumed that most international students, myself included, came from corrupt political families, while the rest of our villages wallowed in poverty. :(

acolyte said...

I admire the inherent humour in that piece! Very well written if I say so myself!

Chatterly said...

stereotypes stereotypes, kila mtu has something to say about watu wa kabila zingine...even mkikuyu wa nyeri has something to say about mkikuyu wa kiambu etc.

Btw...nice picture there :-)

Unyc said...

Lol....u hv reminded me at jobo a certaing luhya guy used 2 call me Kiambu mafia...sterotypin will be around us for a while.

As for the mama unatafuta, archer's description of KIKUYU women is on point...heheee.

Lakini i still hold the most beautiful women are Ethiopians. Waliumbwa wakaumbika.

betty said...

well..that perfect woman u've described sounds alot like someone i know!
Archer ametutetea!!

Komi said...

I'd love to do business with that Kenyan.

Princess said...

I am that Ultimate Woman...just kidding..LOL!!! Nice post though!!

aegeus said...

Ehe! Where be that mama. Holla at me! Address on my "the aegeus" page!

Komi said...

Not ashamed, I want to enjoy the comments on this one.

Aizoh said...

Nice one. We should enjoy our diversity. I looove luo mamaas! (am not a luo.)Lakini Archer, that issue of mamaa going to kesha....., chunga sana.Just saying.

Klara said...

@Kirima...Do u know one such a guy?:=), This got me in stitches..anyway am not into stereotypin, I believe everyone's is unique in his/her own way!

Kirima said...

@3N Actually I do admire your women alot just that its too close to home if you know what I mean.
@EGM, Still looking, There is a lot of good in all of us.
@Archer, I sure that they are I particularly like the low maintenance trait:-) Jokes should not be taken to seriously I agree.
@Majonzi, its amazing how people immediately jump into conclusions about your character just from where you come from.
@Acolyte, You are welcome!
@Chatterly, Its difficult to ignore stereotypes totally but we shouldn't make serious conclusion coz of them.
@Unyc, Yes some negative jokes can irritate and hurt. I also think Ethiopian women are fly.
@Betty, Toboa jina na location :-)
@Komi, Are you sure just business?
@Princess, I'm sure you are! Thanx
@Aegeus, Not if I get to her first!
@Komi, Karibu na uji-enjoy
@Aizoh, True that, I enjoy the way that our brothers and sisters from the lake take time to enjoy life
@Klara, Yeah such guys are plenty you just have to look hard enough and ignore all the negative stereotypes and you shall find him.

kenyaonly said...

lol... i heard that women from that region come with a 10 year warranty? or is it guarantee

Girl next door said...

You've addressed this sensitive topic in a very humorous way=) It's true that every community has positive traits we can all aspire to.

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