Monday, June 4, 2007

Live Weekend

Quite a hectic Madaraka day weekend I had. Its been a while since I enjoyed 3 whole days of no-work pressure. It was also time for me to travel downtown (not upcountry like most folks) to spend some time with the folks. I was also able to catch up with several friends as well including one very senior blogger who we grew up with. There were several highlights of the weekend but I will only talk about two of them.

Sawa Sawa Concert.

Despite a very busy schedule on Saturday I was able to drag my self to the Aboretum to catch a glimpse of the Sawa Sawa festival that featured among others Jazz Maestro - Hugh Masekela and Roots Reggae icon - Burning Spear. As can be expected for any free concert in the city the whole area around Aboretum was jam packed with people up to State House Road and therefore despite my enthusiasm and that of my posse we were not able to see much of what was going on stage but I generally liked the atmosphere which was largely peaceful and lively. I had my doubts initally especially after the rowdy scenes that have been experienced in reggae concerts in the past. I was able to pick a few nice CD's of local music to enjoy including Eric Wainainas Twende Twende. Unfortunately I couldn't stay long and was not able to see the fellow who brought us out there i.e. Hugh cos we had advance tickets for our next assignment.

Pirates of the Caribean - At Worlds End.

At long last after 7 days of anticipation since it opened I was able to watch Pirates 3 over at Nu-Metro we arrived just in time to grab popcorn and drinks and sink into our seats to watch this years mega blockbuster. I had to admit the massive expectations that were heaped on this movie were impossible to surmount but it not deter my desire to lap it up. The movie of the year finally opened and I sat back to enjoy the ride.

Enjoy I did! Captain Jack Sparrow and the rest of the Pirates cast did not disappoint it would take a massive effort to match the levels reached by Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Mans Chest but at Worlds end matched them in quite a number of levels. There some issues I had with the overall movie but I'm dead certain I will watch it again and again, I believe it is the small and suttle things that you don't notice at the first screening that make for a great collectors movie. I already have DVD's of th first 2 and I am pretty sure as soon as P3 is available on I will be one of the first buyers.

Parts I liked
  • What is a pirate movie without elaborate sword fights and canon fights - some critics have said the action scenes were too long but I say there were just what the fans wanted
  • The wisecracks were there in plenty as usual and Captain Jack Sparrow was Hillarious as usual my only complain was that there was not as much of him as I would have wanted and I think he did not take as much rum as required.
  • Keira Knightely was as ravishing as usual this time the sexiness was more overt as she gave us generous glimpses of her lovely thighs in the Singapore scene and in the last scene just before Will turner goes on his 10 year voyage on the BT - sorry! :-) on the Flying Dutchman.
  • For me the movie was a fitting conclusion to the Pirates of the Caribean Trilogy and I hope Disney lets it remain a Trilogy they can make more money by using the movies popularity to sell tickets to its Disneyland rides.
Parts that didn't quite click.

  • The movie took too long to introduce Captain Jack and the first sight we saw of him was a humongous nose. It is standard to introduce the main character in the first 5 minutes but I belive it took almost 20 minutes before we saw Jack but when he appeared he took over.
  • Very very long over 2.5 hours is quite long for an adventure movie
  • Admiral James Norrington deserved a more fitting demise considering his role in the development of the plot.
  • What happened to Calypso? Surely that thread deserved a more fitting end
The biggest mystery in the whole movie is: Where was Keira hiding that big fat shotgun that she pulled out from under her clothes? -Just a thought :-)

Tagged Again

What is it with tagging these days I had barely recovered from the first tag then Ichiena went ahead and tagged me to do a podcast and before I had finished figuring this out Aegeus decides to tag me to show what I have on my Home Desk. I will have you know that I do not have a home desk all I have is a dining table which of course doubles as a desk when I dont want to drag my laptop to the couch or the bed. But since this is much easier than the Podcast I will jump ahead and heed Methus Tag and give you a glimpse of what a bloggers desk in shaggs looks like.

My Trusty Toshiba Laptop, my Motorolla Cellphone - important for connecting to the internet, My DJ box - with my ancient CD collection, My PDA - in case I forget what I am actually supposed to be doing, My FHM magazine - for those much needed creative breaks and most important of all My COOKIE JAR - Bliss.


Archer said...

First! Off to read!

Archer said...

Pirates 3, I had no idea that it had already opened! Unless someone drags me off to the movies, I don't see myself watching it voluntarily. I mentioned previously that I slept (and snored thoroughly!) through Pirates 1, and didn't bother to watch Pirates 2 last year. Just not my kind of movie. Well, its my loss! I'm still chilling for Ocean's 13.

Nice toys! Sasa mimi sina ma toys sophisticated to write about! Hope I don't get tagged! Speaking of which, you forgot to tag!

Kirima, are you coming down for Safari Sevens this weekend?

Half 'n' half said...

Don't bother to watch any of the Pirates! tooo unbelieveable!
I absolutely LOVE Eric wainaina but I haven't managed to get Twende Twende! si you Pirate it kidogo for me!
@Archer: this tagging needs to end pronto!

Klara said...

Can I join u @ ur desk to help u with those cookies?

Komi said...

Can I join Klara?

betty said...

me three?
aegus you dont have to have THOSE kinda toys,even those other ones you can share!!

pirates 3,will go watch it outta curiosity and just coz its there and i love the movies..usually when they start making 2,3,4 sijui5 of something it loses its jist.

Archer said...

Betty unamuona Aegeus wapi?

Betty said...

oooh gosh i think naota na yeye :)ni wewe nilikua naambia Archer!

Kirima said...

@Archer, No Idea! - shivers -I didn't tag deliberately, wish I could but it seems like I might miss sevens.
@HNH,If you love him help the Brother and buy the CD, Amen on the tagging
@Klara, Karibu
@Komi,Karibu (no snakes)
@Betty, Karibu (getting crowded)Make sure you watch this one at least.

aegeus said...

Hello Kirima.

So you were the ones making the racket in my back yard. The concert was loud!

After i watch the movie nitacomment - skipped that part.

I like the toys, and that CD box ni kalii. Are you a part time dj? Hebu toboa. Thanks for accepting the tag! You are a good sport! Sasa hebu toss me a cookie!

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